Eight years ago I began writing in an effort to make sense of the chaos that had become my life. I wrote because I could no longer not write. CROSSROADS was an essential part of my spiritual journey, and going through the writing process enabled me to reflect on my experiences - gaining insight and self-acceptance. 


I never dreamed that writing to maintain my own sanity would evolve into the project that it has become today. In September of 2019 I decided to begin the CROSSROADS Podcast. In the podcast I share excerpts from the manuscript, reflections, and songs. I have discovered as I reflect on my writings and experiences eight years later I find that I am able to understand some of the things I was going through with much more clarity. I am now able to share some of the resources that I found useful during my own personal development, such as recommended readings. I also share stories from clients I have worked with over the years as they have followed their own paths of personal development. 


The CROSSROADS Podcast is a platform that has enabled me to become even more personal with my audience - I am able to speak freely and expand on some of the reflections and insights I now have. 


The podcast coincides with the topics that you can read about in my blog (visit to subscribe), and links to the corresponding podcasts can be found at the end of each blog post.


If you are interested in hearing excerpts and songs, and would like to join me as I delve deeper into the crossroads that I found myself facing, then visit the CROSSROADS Podcast. 

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