CROSSROADS: My Search for Truth Through Music and a Lot of Red Wine

My Story

I am Carrie Woodcock - mother, musician, writer, entrepreneur, P90X Live! instructor, personal trainer, life coach, and dreamer. Crossroads my collection of journal entries and songs that I composed in an effort to work my way through the many curve balls life threw at me - divorce, suicide of a close family member, building a health and wellness business, parenting, heartbreak, and losing my father…just to name a few.


I invite you to grab a glass of wine (red and dry preferably) and turn off the TV. Put your phone away and leave the world of touch screens and news feeds behind you for just a little while. Crossroads is a collection of journal entries, lyrics, songs, and reflections about discovering yourself. They are in their most basic form, as raw and passionate as the day they were written. Join me as I open my journal, pick up my guitar, sip a glass of cabernet, and recite “My Song”. My hope is for you to discover Truth within yourself.

It's just a melody, just a rhyme

Just a moment frozen in time

It's just a thought, just a dream

Just an illusion torn at the seams

Won't you join me, and sing along

This is my story, this is my song

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