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CROSSROADS 8 Week Intensive Personal Training & Life Coaching Program

CROSSROADS 6 Month Personal Training & Life Coaching Program

I designed the CROSSROADS Personal Training & Life Coaching Programs unintentionally when I found myself at a time in my own life when I needed to pull myself together. After going through divorce and beginning a business my life had been turned upside down. If you would like to read my story you can purchase CROSSROADS: My Search for Truth Through Music and a Lot of Red Wine on Amazon. 


I initially started with the six month or long-term program. I looked in depth at all the areas of my life that I deemed important - family, career, relationship, fitness, etc. I had to decide what it was that I wanted out of each area of my life before I could ever dream of accomplishing anything, or finding happiness. I set long-term goals in each of those areas then broke them down to actions that I could measure daily.


It took a lot of dedication and hard work, but after I felt that my life was more in balance I was able to move on to the shorter eight week intensive program. Which I use when I am looking to accomplish a very specific set of goals in a shorter time period. 

Today these are the programs I use with my one-on-one clients because I know from personal experience that they work. 

Both programs utilize the SMART goal setting method for both Product Goals (long-term) and Process Goals (short-term). You will learn how to set goals that are:


  • Specific 

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Relevant

  • Time-Bound


This program measures consistency, which is the most important indicator of success! The data that I collect each week at our meetings will keep you accountable. It is not simply a weight loss program - I do not focus on the number on the scale and take into consideration body fat, measurements, as well as many other fitness indicators.


Every program is individualized to suit your personal goals and designed to improve your muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. However, my programs do not only look at your fitness routine. Together we will also look in depth at the challenges you will have to overcome as you implement a new routine as well as additional factors that contribute to your overall wellness. 


I welcome all of my clients into my P90X Live! strength training classes at no additional charge, but it is not a requirement to participatie in my one-on-one programs. I do encourage my clients to take advantage of the many benefits that group exercise provides!

Each program is specifically tailored to the goals that each client wants to achieve, so meeting frequency and program pricing and details vary between clients. 

Please contact me so that we can determine the best way to reach your goals!

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